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About Midabot

midaBot is an innovative solution that streamlines the ordering process for small online businesses. This cutting-edge chatbot seamlessly integrates with social media pages, allowing pop and moms shop owners to receive orders effortlessly.

By leveraging the power of Messenger Facebook, midaBot provides a seamless and hassle-free ordering experience for customers. With midaBot, businesses can quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries and take orders directly, simplifying the entire ordering process and improving the overall customer satisfaction. 

Our team of experts has meticulously planned and executed the development of midaBot to ensure accuracy, reliability, and optimal performance.


Developping a chatbot

One of the primary challenges faced by small online businesses using their social media accounts to generate sales is managing their ordering process effectively. This process can be time-consuming, error-prone, and often leads to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. 

To address these challenges, our team identified the need to develop a solution that would integrate with FaceBook Messenger, provide an intuitive user interface, and ensure accuracy and reliability throughout the entire ordering process. 

Through meticulous planning, coordination, and rigorous testing, we developed midaBot to address these challenges and simplify the ordering process for businesses relying on their FaceBook pages to generate leads.


Devoloping midabot

The opportunity was to develop a chatbot solution that simplifies the ordering process for small online businesses. midaBot provides an intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrates with social media pages, improving customer satisfaction and minimizing errors. Our solution enables businesses to optimize their workflow, expand their customer base, and increase revenue. 

As an agency specializing in building rule-based chatbot solutions, we provide innovative solutions that address the unique needs of our clients and help them achieve their business goals.

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Our Solution


Our process for creating midaBot involves several key steps. These include:

User Persona
Rapid Prototype
Branding & UI Design
Chatbot App
Web Dashboard
Mobile App

User Persona

A valuable and useful tool

Defining the user persona was a critical step in the development of midaBot. We conducted thorough research to identify the pain points of small online businesses and the unique needs of their customers. 

By defining our user persona, we gained insights into the specific challenges that our solution needed to address.


Rapid Prototype


We chose to use a Rapid Prototyping approach in developing midaBot to quickly implement the solution and efficiently refine the user interface and experience.

This approach allowed us to start implementing as soon as user journeys were defined, enabling us to quickly iterate and refine the solution based on user feedback. It also allowed us to identify and resolve potential issues early in the development process, minimizing delays and ensuring that the final solution was effective and reliable.

By using Rapid Prototyping, we were able to develop a chatbot solution that meets the specific needs of our clients and their customers, improving customer satisfaction, optimizing workflow, and increasing revenue.



Creating the brand identity

In developing the brand identity for midaBot, we designed a logo that reflected its unique personality and values. 

The logo was designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring it was easily recognizable and memorable. We also chose a color palette that conveyed a sense of trust and reliability. 

By using a consistent color palette throughout the chatbot’s user interface, we were able to create a cohesive and visually appealing experience for users. Overall, our brand design approach helped establish midaBot as a trustworthy and reliable solution, driving engagement and satisfaction for both our clients and their customers.


Chatbot App

Rule-Based Chatbot Solution

To build midaBot, we utilized the Microsoft Bot Framework, which allowed us to develop a robust and reliable chatbot solution. Additionally, we utilized the Meta platform to create and publish a Facebook app that enabled us to utilize Messenger for streaming the order process. This integration provided customers with a convenient and efficient ordering experience that streamlined the entire process, from browsing to payment. 

By using a combination of these powerful technologies, we were able to develop a solution that meets the specific needs of our clients and their customers, optimizing workflow and driving revenue.


Web Dashboard

Optimizing Catalog management

We developed a web dashboard for midaBot using ReactJS and NestJS to help store managers create and manage their catalog and streamline their ordering process. The dashboard enables managers to add and update products, manage inventory, and track orders in real-time, allowing for efficient business management and an exceptional customer experience. 

With the flexibility and scalability of JS frameworks, we created a highly responsive and user-friendly dashboard that optimizes the ordering process.


Mobile App

Streamlining Order Management

To complement the chatbot and web dashboard solutions, we also built a mobile app for midaBot using React Native, which allows for cross-platform compatibility and efficient development. 

The mobile app was built through Expo, a tool that streamlines the development process by providing ready-made components and tools for faster and easier development.

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